Yost DPV-3 3″ Heavy Duty Drill Press Vise Review

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yost dpv-3 drill press vise
When it comes to ensuring the accuracy of your drilled features in your machined parts, a good drill press vise is an absolute necessity. Many machinists spend hours, days, or even weeks researching to find the perfect vise for their work, but we might be able to save you some time because Yost has an outstanding entry level option that is both dependable and cost efficient. The Yost DPV-3 3” Heavy Duty Drill Press Vise is the perfect package to maintain your tight tolerances without breaking the bank.


Weighing in at 6.0 pounds, this vise is pretty stout; especially for a vise with a jaw width of 3”. The construction is heavy duty enough to eliminate any noticeable flex even when really cranking down on the handle when tightening. Further demonstrating the sturdiness of the vise is oversized main screw. The screw, which is about 50% larger in diameter than average, gives the Yost DPV-3 an impressive clamping strength of 3000 lbs. The clamping feature is also enhanced due to an oversized handle, allowing for more torque. In light of the increased size, the screw still operates smoothly.

The DPV-3 has a 1” throat depth with jaws that open to a maximum of 3”. Yost also designed the removable jaws to include two v-shaped grooves, one horizontal and one vertical, which allows the vise to get a solid grip on circular pieces of stock. Overall, the dimensions of this vise make it practical for most small part drilling operations.

It should be noted that in addition to this vise, the company also has a 4” and 5” model options (which share the same features as the DPV-3 but in slightly larger packages).

Build quality

Yost has been around since 1908, and a huge part of the company’s longevity is due to the quality of their products. The DPV-3 keeps up the company tradition with its strength and durability. It is constructed using 30,000 PSI tensile strength cast iron and has a nicely applied powder coat finish. Its design makes it incredibly resistant to the heat and vibration that may occur during the press drilling process. Additionally, the base of the vise is precision machined to ensure it is perfectly flush with any work surface, so there will be no unnecessary issues with lack of parallelism as you’ll find on other cheaper entry level vises.


The value on the vise is remarkable considering how robust it is. Compared to other entry level vises on the market at similar price points, the quality on this vise is higher than average. While the Yost DPV-3 is not the lowest priced 3” vise on the market, it probably has the best ratio when considering price to quality. In this case, Yost produced a vise with a high end feel for a relatively inexpensive cost.

As far as where to buy, Amazon’s attractive pricing seems to make them pretty competitive. Overall, we think you’ll be very satisfied with the Yost DPV-3 to serve your drill press vise needs, however if you find that it’s not quite right for you, feel free to take a gander at our guide to the best drill press vises to find one that does!

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