Ridgid XF-45 Quick Acting Bench Vise Review

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ridgid xf-45 bench vise
When the going gets tough, pick yourself up a bench vise to make your life easy in the garage. There are many people who have never had the privilege of experiencing the benefits of a bench vise. For this reason we have decided to do a review on a vise that has impressed us tremendously, the Ridgid XF-45 Bench Vise. Ridgid themselves are an extremely trustworthy company, with millions of their tools being used daily by various tradesmen and tradeswomen in a variety of environments. Ridgid develops and manufactures easy to use products that aim to assist in getting jobs done faster, without compromising on quality. The Ridgid XF-45 Bench Vise is a perfect example of their first class engineering expertise.


The best feature of the Ridgid XF-45 Bench Vise, and what really separates it from all other bench vises out there, is the Quick Action Trigger! There is no other bench vise on the market that incorporates this feature. The way in which it works is simply by flipping the quick action trigger located under the center slide, close to the steel handle. This will in turn release the internal locking system, allowing you to easily manipulate the jaws open and close in a smooth sliding motion. This differs to other bench vises that operate using hand cranks where the speed is dependent on how fast you can crank! The quick action feature of the Ridgid XF-45 will speed up all jobs, ultimately resulting in increased productivity.

The Ridgid XF-45 is built with wider hardened jaws, providing a larger surface area for clamping, giving it a more even grip especially with larger or heavier material. It has a patented jaw alignment system which will provide precision clamping. Aside from the main jaws, the XF-45 is also equipped with large pipe jaws, perfect for clamping rounded material such as pipes.

The XF-45 comes with a swivel base that can rotate a full 360 degrees. This is becoming a top necessity when it comes to bench vise selections, because it allows for complete flexibility when working with material of all shapes and sizes. The base is also designed with 3 lugs to allow you to fix your vise to your favorite workbench. We prefer a 4 lug design when we can get it as it generally provides more secure mounting, but there isn’t really a huge difference.

Like most bench vises, the Ridgid XF-45 has a hard flat anvil which you can use as a work surface for hammering parts into shape. The surface is larger than what you will find on most vises, making it great for tackling larger parts.

The XF-45 bench vise is fitted with a covered screw and spring assembly. This prevents any debris from coming into contact with the operational components which can result in wear and damage. This will also make sure that lubrication stays contained, giving the vise a longer period between services.

Build quality

The majority of the Ridgid XF-45 Bench Vise, from the jaws to the body, to the base, has been manufactured with forged steel. This has given the vise its overall strength and durability. The vise has a green paint finish to prevent rust, which can often result in the weakening of the vise. The overall impression that the XF-45 gives off, is that it was built with the intention to last forever! Fit and finish are generally excellent, and with nice attention to detail. This vise just feels plain nice.


Simply put, it is going to be more costly than other bench vises that can do the exact same job. However, just keep in mind that this is no ordinary bench vise. Don’t forget the special quick action trigger feature as well as the nice build quality! When you go for the Ridgid XF-45 Bench Vise, you’ll never go back! So if you can afford it, we think it’s worth coughing up dollars that these vises are going for. As is often the case, we find the price at Amazon tends to beat out most competitors. As such, that’s where we recommend going if you want to pick one of these tools up. Overall this gets a strong recommendation and we are confident that the Ridgid XF-45 will treat you well for a lifetime.

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