Tekton 54004 4-inch Swivel Base Bench Vise Review

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Tekton 54005 4-inch swivel vise
A bench vise can be one of the MVPs of the garage or shop. It is easy to forget how important they are, until you need one and don’t have one. Some tasks are just near impossible to complete without a bench vise. So when you go to buy a bench vise, make sure it is a high quality piece that will last a lifetime, and not let you down when you need it.

Tekton builds high quality tools that can compete with the top-dogs in the industry, at a fraction of the cost. No matter what you need a bench vise for, Tekton has you covered. The Tekton 54004 is a small but stout 4-inch, swivel base vise that is perfect for most hobbyist jobs in the home garage. If you need something larger, there are also 6 and 8 inch models available from Tekton as well.


Tekton has really built a nice tool with this bench vise. The 4-inch size is perfect for auto repairs, metal working, woodworking, and general handyman work around the house. The vise swivels 120 degrees to make sure you always have the best working position to give you the most ideal access to your work piece.

The Tekton vise is made from cast iron and weighs 15lbs. The anvil is 2-5/8” x 2-5/8” and the jaws open to 3”. The throat depth is 2-1/8”. The vise also features three mounting holes to secure to your workbench.

Build Quality

With a tensile strength of 30,000lbs, the cast iron used to build the Tekton bench vise is sure to last many, many years if you properly maintain your vise. The jaws feature a sure-grip textured pattern to securely hold anything you need them too. The jaws are also replaceable, which is nice if you are working with a lot of steel parts that can tend to chew up your jaws over time.

Dual lock-down nuts are nice features that are normally found on much more expensive bench vises. Once you have the vise in the position you need it in, simply lock the levers down and it will remain in position until they are released. This is especially nice when working on longer pieces that won’t fit on a workbench.

The Acme-threaded main screw runs smoothly and you can expect consistent bind free operation. Adjusting the size of the jaw opening is pretty effortless as a result.


The prices found on bench vises of this quality are normally much higher than what you will find on this Tekton unit. Between the build quality and the cast iron construction, spending your money on this vise would be a wise purchase relative to the competition. This bottom line is that Tekton has knocked it out of the park, which seems to be a common theme among their tools. Tekton makes a lot of mid-tier and high end tools and still manages to charge entry level prices.

A vise is a tool that should only be bought once in a lifetime, and you shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune to be able to mount one to your work bench. Fortunately, Amazon’s competitive pricing for the Tekton 54004 bench vise is going to be tough to beat. Overall, the Tekton 54004 is a fantastic vise at a very nice price point, and you’d be hard pressed to find higher value!

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