Jorgensen 30606 6-Inch Heavy Duty Swivel Bench Vise

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jorgensen 30606 heavy duty bench vise
With the vast selection of tools out there, it can often prove to be quite a mission trying to find the perfect tool for each job. There are numerous brands and major differences in additional features. Therefore, it is always comforting to receive some healthy advice and guidance to make the task of purchasing the best tools a little less complicated. One such great tool worth mentioning is the Jorgensen 30606 6-Inch Heavy Duty Swivel Base Bench Vise. Jorgensen has been around for five generations and is renowned for their specialty in the manufacturing of quality clamps and vises. However, they are not a name you hear all too often, getting drowned out by the waves of tools with more recognizable brand names. As such, for our latest review we have chosen to put the Jorgensen 30606 6-Inch under the spotlight because they make a great vise.


Let us begin with the jaws of Jorgensen 30606 6-Inch. As you may already have guessed from the title, the jaws of the 30606 are 6 inches wide and they have an impressive 6 inch opening capacity on top of it. This is more than the capacity of your average bench vise, allowing you to clamp even larger parts. The serrated jaws provide a nice large surface area that results for easy gripping and flexibility on part size. The jaws are fully replaceable should you ever overwork them or want to swap in something different for a special project. Aside from the main jaws, the 30606 also comes with permanent pipe jaws, allowing you to easily clamp rounded material such as copper tubing from your radiator for example. They have a sufficient jaw capacity of between ¾” and 2”. The maximum throat depth is 3”, which pretty much means you can get the majority of projects done that require bench vise assistance.

The Jorgensen 30606 bench vise has a swivel base which makes it easier when setting up the vise for various jobs, as you tend to always get material coming in all awkward shapes and sizes. This way you can position the vise and your work piece relative to you, as opposed to having to adjust your own position when working. The dual steel locking nuts will ensure that the vise is sturdy when the positioning has been adjusted and you are ready to work. The base is also outfitted with 3 burly lugs, allowing you to securely screw down the bench vise onto your garage workbench.

The covered screw design of the Jorgensen 30606 is great, as it means the vise is less likely to experience internal wear and damage from debris. As the center screw needs to be properly lubricated for top performance, the covered screw ensures that lubrication is held inside and so reducing the need for regular maintenance. We always recommend using a vise with a covered screw if you can afford one as they will simply last a lot longer than their open screw counterparts.

Last but not least, the Jorgensen 30606 6-Inch features a large polished anvil. It makes a great work surface and can take a heavy beating without showing signs of wear.

Build Quality

The Jorgensen 30606 is a heavy duty 35 pound bench vise engineered with a ductile iron and steel design, giving it added strength and durability. The cover for the center screw has been manufactured using heavy cold-formed steel to provide high strength and wear resistance in this component, making it virtually indestructible. To give it a sleek and modern look, and also to prevent the vise from rusting, the Jorgensen 30606 has been treated with a powder coated orange finish. The finish is nice and even and seems to adhere well. The fit is generally pretty nice, with no obvious glaring issues.


The Jorgensen 30606 is a mid priced vise that is by all measures a great value. Having shopped around, we found that you can go online and grab yourself a great price from Amazon since their shipped prices tend to be pretty attractive (remember, vises are heavy and often have high shipping charges associated with them so shipping matters!). This by our standards, is a great deal for a bench vise of this quality. Not only does the Jorgensen 30606 look good and perform well, it will last pretty much forever. You can’t lose!

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