Grizzly G7062 Multi-Purpose 5 Inch Bench Vise Review

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grizzly multipurpose 5 inche vise
The bench vise is an extremely versatile tool that every handyman should have at their disposal because it can be used for a wide variety of tasks ranging from building car exhaust to repairing furniture or even holding huge garden umbrella if you don’t have a stand! As such, a bench vise adds a lot of capability to your tool arsenal. Because they are used for so many different types of tasks, you’ll want to make sure that you get a good one. With Grizzly’s extensive background in manufacturing quality machine tools such as lathes, drill presses, and mills, it’s no surprise that Grizzly’s G7062 Multi-Purpose 5 Inch Bench Vise is indeed quite good, and as such we decided to give it a review.


The Grizzly Multi-Purpose Vise has several features that should grab your attention. One of our favorite features are the 360 degree rotating jaws. To make this feature nicer, Grizzly has included a degree indicator so you can track how far you’ve turned the vise. This lets you easily switch between the flat jaws and the pipe jaws by swiveling the vise as well. The jaws are 5 inches with an average depth throat, so you can fit small to medium work pieces into this vise. They are plenty big enough for home garage use.

The levers used for tightening and loosening the jaw allow for great grip and almost effortless tightening. No grunting and wheezing before the job has even begun…and it lets you grip parts like a bodybuilder on steroids. This difference is most noticeable when you are locking pieces in and out constantly. We should also mention that this vise has covered lead screws which means low maintenance and infrequent lubrication…a huge plus by our standard.

When it comes to mounting to your workbench, Grizzly has four mounting holes on each corner of the base, allowing you to securely pin this monster down. It also comes with a swiveling base, which allows for a nice range of positions that you can work in so you don’t have to contort your body awkwardly every time you want to work on a part.

The vise also sports a nice large anvil, so you can hammer against it to work parts. This means you can straighten sheet metal or punch metal without worrying about damaging the surface.

Build Quality

Grizzly did their due diligence when designing this vise. Built with sturdy cast grey iron, there is no detectible flex when applying clamp load. The jaws are nicely machined, so there’s no drama there. This vise can take a serious beating without showing any real signs of wear. With basic maintenance and cleaning, this vise is undoubtedly last forever.

In addition to construction, the fit and finish is excellent. The red powdercoat is sleek and dare we say sexy (ok, it’s not like a woman in a red dress sexy, but you know what we mean…) and the exposed steel surfaces add nice contrast. Overall, this is a really well built vise.


Simply put, The Grizzly 5-Inch is certainly one of the better vise deals on the market today. It’s available in some local stores, but the best prices are typically found at major online retailers such as Amazon! If you are shopping in the $100 range for a vise, this one should definitely be on your list to check out. There are obviously cheaper vises that you can buy, but considering the features and quality it makes sense to spend a little extra for the Grizzly as it represents a great bang for your buck!

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