Eclipse 7″ Woodworking Vise Review

eclipse wood working vise
A woodworking vise is like having an extra set of hands. Whether you are routing, sanding, gluing, clamping or finishing, a vise is a tool that every serious woodworker needs in his or her shop. However, just like any other tool you have, not all vises are created equal.

Fortunately, the Eclipse EWWQR7-NA Quick Release Woodworking Vise is a terrific all around vise that can handle pretty much any woodworking project that you throw at it!


The Eclipse quick release vise is made of cast iron and is painted with a durable blue coating that not only looks good but also seems to be pretty resistant to chipping and flaking. On account of this, corrosion resistance is also going to be good. The jaws on this vise are 7” wide, and have a 3” throat depth, which is large enough to cover most hobbyist woodworking projects. The vise is also available with 9″ wide and 10″ wide jaws should you need more room. This vise weighs in at a hefty 21.7 pounds, but you won’t notice when it is mounted to your workbench.

Another great feature of the Eclipse woodworking vise is the Tommy Bar that prevents the vise from being over-stressed. When too much clamping force is applied, the Tommy Bar will bend to protect your vise from damage. Mounting the vise is a breeze with mounting holes located to place the mounting face underneath your workbench. Finally, the quick release feature is very impressive as it works great and also comes in handy more frequently than you’d expect.


All of the features of this vise are great, but they would be pointless without high quality construction. Fortunately, the Eclipse quick release woodworking vise is built to last. The screw drive mechanism is well made and operates smoothly without any binding or racking. The jaws are beefy and solid, with no major play or side-to-side movement to be noted. Overall fit and finish are good with nicely made castings as well.


The price of the Eclipse woodworking vise is on par with other competitor’s products that don’t have the quick release feature. While we haven’t used all the woodworking vises available, we have been lucky enough to sample many of them, and this Eclipse unit is as good as any we have tried.

With the handy features this vise has, and the extremely tough design and construction, we are very comfortable in recommending the Eclipse EWWQR7-NA Quick Release Woodworking Vise to anyone who may be shopping for a good woodworking vise for their home or professional shop.

As far as best prices are concerned, Amazon’s attractive pricing is pretty tough to beat as is often the case. Overall, we give the Eclipse Woodworking Vise a strong recommendation and suspect that you will be extremely happy with the tool. That said, there are many vises on the market so if the Eclipse doesn’t quite meet your needs, feel free to have a look at our guide to the best woodworking vises.

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